“Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees. How did he do it?

A. He cheated                          B. He’s lucky

C. He’s a genius                       D. It is written”

After reading Siddhartha, I have been attracted to the whole lifestyle of the people in India and that area, so I thought, “What would be better than Slumdog Millionaire?”. Made in 2008, this award winning film, directed by Danny Boyle and written by Simon Beaufoy, is based off of the harsh realities of Mumbai, India and how the inhabitants’ lives are so much different then ours. In the storyline, a young boy brought up in the slums, Jamal Malik, participates in the Indian version of “Who Wants to be A Millionaire?” and exceeded at it with ease. Thinking that he was somehow cheating, the officials there took him in and tortured him to try and get the answer. However, they, and the viewers of the film, soon realize that it was his past experiences that have prepared him to know the answers and to push to the end, not for the materialistic fact, money, but for his one true love, Latika.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was one of the most excellent movies I have ever seen. With the comedy, action, romance, and overall gripping factors included, I do not see how anyone could watch this and not be enthralled. “What the hell can a slumdog possibly know?” the officers kept asking while sending electric shocks coursing through his body. “The answers.” replied Jamal, not with arrogance but with truth. “I knew the answers.” And even when the host tried to steer him in the wrong direction with a false answer, he never fell for it.

The storyline of this movie was creative, in a sense of layout. It kept the viewers watching and waiting for the next clue, because honestly, if you were not watching intently you would not know what is going on. To me, layout is the most important part, because it kept the movie from never seeming dull, in any sense, and me personally on the edge of my seat until the very end.

“So are you ready for the final question for 20 million rupees?”

“No, but maybe it’s written, no?”

At this point my mind was racing. I had a feeling that he would win, but another part of me was wondering if he would lose, just to make the movie that much more unique. I will not tell you exactly how the story ended, but I can tell you that if you would watch this, you would never regret it. Being rated R, I thought that it might have been slightly appalling, or graphic, but it really was none of these things. “Slumdog Millionaire” was real, true, amazing, and truthfully family friendly.

“D. It was written”


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