My Sister’s Keeper Movie Review by Adele S.

My Sister’s Keeper will either please you or disappoint you, it’s that simple.

 Based off the popular and heart-wrenching book, My Sister’s Keeper deals with 16 year-old leukamia-stricken Kate Fitzgerald and her younger sister, Anna, who seeks medical emancipation from her parents after all these years of giving some of her body (cells, blood) to Kate. The movie goes through several characters point of view, including Sarah, the headstrong mother, Brain, the soft-hearted father, Jesse, the rebel older brother, Campbell Alexander, the seemingly know it all lawyer and but missing is Julie Romano, his love and Anna’s guardian ad litem. Each character brings their own story into the basic plot and after the whole shazam, everyone learns a thing or two.

The movie brings to life the feel of the book, the frustration, anger, and sadness from each character. It has a dark tone but a light one brushes in every now to even out the emotions. The theme of being able to make your own decsion is not forgotten and is displayed through the works of each character. If I keep mentioning characters, it’s because that’s what really brings the thing alive-each character’s point-of-view and influence. What was missing and what would have made it more special was the love story between Campbell and Julie. But we can’t dwell on things that could have and should have been.

The fim stays true to the book theme wise but has it’s own influence too. It adds scenes and changes the ending, which will most likely disappoint fans of the book but will touch the heart of those who have never read it. The beginning is pieced together beautifully by images of the past and present of the family and already has you smiling. You will soon lose the smile once you hear Kate’s story and frown once you hear Anna’s. The film  will have you going through plenty of emotions, like the mind of a teenage girl. That’s the absolute best thing about the film-it manages to capture the emotion brought to it by the book.

Overall, the film manages to bring the book to life. As a film, it is pleasant, a film you will think heavily about for a day or two but soon forget. As an adaptation from a book, you will either love or hate the way it was breathed to life by movie-work. Any human with a working heart will feel a stir of emotion inside you and that should be enough for at least one watch. Oh, and Abigail Breslin is pretty cute, too.



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