Rize Amanda S

Rize is a documentary about krumping. Krumping is a form of dance usually described as similar to hip hop but more aggressive. It was created by Lil C and Tight Eyes in south central Los Angeles. Before seeing this movie I knew a little bit about krump but I didn’t truly know what it was, or where it originated. I was surprised at the amount of energy that goes into it. Sometimes they even dance until they faint (called “falling”). This form of dance helps prevent people from joining gangs, and it’s a different way to spend your free time.

Rize is an informative documentary directed by David LaChapelle. This is a very accurate documentary because the best way to know what krump is is to see it. This movie is probably better for teens and young adults that are open to new things or ideas. I don’t think elders or small children would like this because some of the dancing seems violent or suggestive.

In the krump world there are different groups or “gangs” of krumpers with different styles. One style of krumping is clowning created by Tommy The Clown. He created it by being a clown at a birthday party. He now has his own clowning academy that keeps kids off of the streets. There is a major krump battle called battle zone. This documentary shows a battle between the krumps and the clowns (while all clowns krump not all krumps clown).

This movie is a great showcase of something that is not shown on MTV or VH1 this is the reality of the hardships of the streets and the outlet that keeps people happy and out of trouble. I really enjoyed this movie and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in dance or the arts because there is more out there in the world than ballet and jazz.

I thought this was a great documentary showing how not all arts are on stage or on screen. It was a great way to showcase something that is just real, unfiltered, and unstructured. I also think this is important because it can get people to see what they can do to stay out of gangs and violence, and have fun. I thought this was a great way to show a different amazing form of art.


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