The Freedom Writers Diary- Renae

“What the hell am I doing here?” Many students ask themselves this question when they step into Ms. Erin Gruwell’s class. The Freedom Writers Diary is written by real students and a teacher that turned them from school skippers to educated people that care about school, at least that’s what the teacher is said to accomplish. To me, I can tell this book was edited after it was written a first time and doesn’t seem too believable.

The book is to be about students that really struggle in school and rarely come to class because they don’t feel like it or even afraid. Erin Gruwell, the students’ English teacher changed all that. The book seemed to be as phony as an artificial Christmas tree.

The way this book was written was easy to follow, in one way. I like to get to know each character and the way this book was written, it only said different entry numbers and never said who wrote what; you just have to guess. I did enjoy hearing about all the different stories people went though but I didn’t like that once you just started to get to know the writer, it would switch and you wouldn’t know when they wrote again.

I also did not enjoy the fact that many of the students probably couldn’t write the way they did in the beginning. For example one student had a very complex sentence structure and the way the teacher describes them, they didn’t know anything, “During the day racial tensions rule the streets, at night gunshots are heard from drive-by shootings, and twenty-four hours a day, the gangs and drug dealers control the block, trying to hold down their territory.” I don’t know about you but if you never went to school and had struggling grades, I wouldn’t be writing like that.

The writing style was done in a very traditional diary from but with entry numbers and no date or time or anything. There is also no closing. In a formal diary entry, you sign off and say something like “Love,”. I have never written a diary, but have always wanted to. I suppose that it is a good idea to let the students write about what interest them that means they always should write the way they would in everyday talk. The book was an easy read and if you like to read about what really happens in the ghetto wars, then this is a good book for you.


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