My Sister’s Keeper book review by Allie H

This book is like none I’ve ever read. It twisted my emotions and opinions. The Fitzgerald family has had their whole lives ‘on call’ for whenever Kate’s sick. Kate was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just little girl. Then comes Anna. Anna was conceived to save her sister’s life. But what happens when Anna grows up and refuses to donate anymore? This causes conflict in every aspect of the family’s lives. The father, Brian is torn between his wife and his daughter. The mother, Sara has to choose which daughter she wants to stand up for, the dying Kate and Anna who doesn’t decide her own life? And with their troublemaker brother Jesse, things aren’t any easier. When Anna brings in her lawyer Campbell to get medically annulled, it sends her family into disarray.
Jodi Picoult is one of the best story tellers of our time. She can have you easily breeze by hundreds of pages, and never wanting to put your book down. She goes into every characters mind, and makes you feel how they feel. There is detail in everything she writes, making you feel like your right there with every character. She made me question myself, throughout reading the book I didn’t know who’s side I was on.
The book is long, and it jumps from character to character. So I would not recommend this for poor readers, or people that have trouble following along when they are reading. She is very detailed in her medical descriptions, I got a bit queasy on some parts. And she is a good story teller, but not for anyone who wants to jump straight to the action.
I do recommend this book to any mother, sister, teenage girl anyone that can relate to being a young girl and not knowing what to do sometimes. It makes you think and feel emotions you didn’t know you had. It has some mature content so I don’t recommend it for too young of girls.

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