The Castle movie review by Allie H

This move is one of the most original pieces of work I’ve seen in a long time. The ‘redneckish’ Australian family, The Kerrigans. Their simple like in their beloved home is threatened when the airport beside them is planning on expanding, and the company is forcing all the neighbors to move out. Well the Kerrigans don’t go down without a fight. This quirky heart warming adventure of a simple content family and their passion for their home, and one another.

I love this movie for it’s originality and up lifting message. The tone is cheery and up beat. There was a refreshing realism to the film that gave it a good spirited feeling. “It’s just the vibe of the thing” as the Kerrigan’s lawyer, Dennis, would say. I enjoyed how the film was done, like when the narrator is telling a story and there is a short clip to go along with it to illustrate the scene.
I did enjoy the movie for it’s quirky jokes and little chuckles, but that’s pretty much all it was. It’s not a “crying tears from laughing” kind of comedy, just a few one liners that tickled your funny bone. and the quality of the film was grainy and pixleated, but that didn’t bother me.
I recommend this film for anyone that enjoys a ’low-budget’ comedy. It really opened my eyes to how much I take for granted, and I believe that’s a lesson everyone should be reminded of.

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