Angela C. Freedom Writers

Title: Freedom Writers
Directed by: Robert LaGravenese
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Rated: PG-13
        “Our story. Our words.” That is the tag line to this incredible and moving movie based off of the book, Freedom Writer’s Diaries: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them. In Freedom Writers, Erin Gruwell (played by Hilary Swank, The Million Dollar Baby, The Black Dehlia, P.S. I Love You, and Amelia) a teacher at a gang infested school in Long Beach, California, inspires her freshmen English students to start writing journals. Which, they got inspired by Diary of Anne Frank, Zlata’s Dairy: A Child’s Life in Sarajevo, and events from the Holocaust. Then their lives change for the best and they take charge of their lives and the community around them.
        In this movie, Hilary Swank who plays Erin Gruwell, is a new excited school teacher, who leaves Newport Beach, to teach at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, where a new integration program puts students of all backgrounds and races in classes together. Her enthusiasm dies down quickly when she realizes that her class is also called the “unteachables”. Where they have to be forced into the classroom by the security guards, and then segregate themselves into their racial groups. Erin decides to intercepts a racial drawing by teaching the students about the Holocaust, which as everybody knows, was a massive killing spree mainly chosen who lives and who dies due to what ethnicity they are. After a while, she eventually earns their trust and ends up buying the composition books as diaries. That’s when Erin gets determined to change her students lives before its too late, by taking on another job to pay for books like Diary of Anne Frank. After that, they students are interested in getting someone who survived during the Holocaust to come in and speak to them. Then, their lives start to change for the better.
        When watching Freedom Writers, the lighting was great. In a part where a student was talking about her experiences, she gets a spotlight on her as if she were on stage and being the narrator. The music made the movie even better, it was an amazing sound track. The songs that were from a popular artist really suited the movie. The soundtrack had a song from Common called, “A Dream” featuring Will.I.Am from The Black Eyed Peas. “A Dream” is such a powerful song that it made the movie so much better. It also had a song from Tupac called, “Keep Ya Head Up”.
        Freedom Writers is such an inspiring movie that inspired actual lives of students, that you can’t help but to love this movie. I certainly do. So, I hope that you’ll watch this inspiring movie. It could change you life. It did for the actual students.

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