New Moon Book Reviewed by Angela C.

Title: New Moon
Author: Stephanie Meyers
      “I felt like I was trapped in one of those terrifying nightmares, the one where you have to run, run till your lungs burst, but you can’t make your body move fast enough.” New Moon, the sequel to Twilight, was the first book of the Twilight Saga that I read. New Moon was also the one to draw me into the Twilight vampire craze. Of course since New Moon is about vampires and everybody knows vampires don’t exist, New Moon is a fictional book. In New Moon the theme that comes off strongly to me, is exploring the depth of love, and how badly it hurts when the one you love, leaves you. In Twilight, where Bella falls madly in love with Edward, it sets New Moon up for her struggle through devastation when Edward leaves.

        In New Moon, Bella is turning 18, which means, she wants for Edward to turn her into a vampire, but he still refuses. At her birthday party at the Cullen’s home, she gets a paper cut after eagerly trying to open a present. As, the first drop of blood is exposed, Jasper, the newest member to the Cullen clan and being used to human blood instead of the Cullen’s diet of animal blood, tries to attack Bella. As Edward pushes Bella to protect her from Jasper, Bella gets tons of cuts from tiny shards of glass. After all the shards of glass are out of Bella’s skin, within next two days, Edward becomes distant and ends up leaving her to protect her so, another birthday party incident never happens again. But, before he leaves her, he makes her promise not to do anything stupid that could endanger her life, and she agrees. Then leaving her in the woods where he broke her heart, Bella goes into a depression for four months. Finally, Bella attempts to go back to her life before she got caught up in Edward. She a girl from school, if she wants to hang out that weekend. As they’re out and about, Bella sees a group of guys that reminds her of the night Edward saved her. Walking closer to them, she hears Edward’s smooth as silk voice telling her to turn around and walk away. Leaving, she goes back home. Then the next day she decides to go see her friend Jacob. After they hang out, pain that Bella usually endures is lessened when ever she hangs out with Jacob. While they’re hanging out, Bella and Jacob fixes up two old motorcycles and when they finish, Bella decides to learn how to ride it. As she is riding, she once again sees Edward. That is when she realizes that when she does something that could put her in danger, Edward reappears right before her eyes, making her do more dangerous activities. Which leads her through the rest of the book.
        When I read New Moon I think its interesting, and memorable because when I first read the book, it brought me to tears. Reading about Bella going through so much pain after losing Edward, was really brought out through Stephanie Meyer’s writing. I’ve never read a book that affected me that way. It was so powerful. Just reading about her going through that pain, made my heart ache in pain with her. And after that, I was hooked into reading the rest of the series.
        Now that I’ve told you a little bit about what happened in the book, and telling you how I reacted to New Moon, I would love it if you would decide to read it too, for the realness factor. And judge for yourself to see if you get that same exact reaction that my friends, people around the world, and I felt when we read it.


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