THE ROAD- book review by Brandon G.

Imagine a desolate land, void of life. A world once beautiful and teeming with life is now destroyed. A man and his son travel through the darkness searching for food and shelter, “carrying the fire”. This is Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”. Earth has been completely ravaged by some unknown disaster, left to the reader’s imagination to decide. Almost every iota of human moral and dignity is lost. Survivors resort to violence and in some cases, cannibalism. Survival is the only thing driving those left alive. A father and son are the focal point of the story, carrying with them everything decent left of the human race. The father does what is necessary for his son to survive, and the boy shows that there is still a core of ethics left in humanity.

          Personally, I feel that this book is in some ways more of a wake-up call then a fictional book. This book shows what could happen if humanity continues to tread along such thin ice. The scenery depicted in the book could very likely be a reality in the future if we don’t change the way we live.  

          “The Road” is a critically acclaimed book that was named by Entertainment Weekly the best book, fiction or non-fiction, in the last 25 years. I couldn’t agree more. I think that this book is very powerful. There are so many different things to take from it and so many ways to look at it. It is a good story, with a great message.


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