THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES book review by Amanda s

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd: Audio Book Cover The Secret Life of Bees was a moving book about a girl named Lily, whose father doesn’t care about her, and whose mother died when she was little. She found only three things of her mother’s a pair of gloves a picture of her and a wooden picture of a black virgin Mary that says Tiburon, SC on the back. One day when she is fed up with her father and has an opportunity she leaves with her maid Rosaleen, and they hitchhike to Tiburon. She finds out that the wooden picture is the label for a kind of honey so she is shown the house where August Boatwright the bee keeper of that honey lives. She lies about her life because she doesn’t want to get in trouble and go back to her father T. Ray. August lets her and Rosaleen stay at their house. She feels like shes in a dream world, but how long will it stay like that? Read The Secret Life of Bees to find out.

I thought this was a very well written book by Sue Monk Kidd I liked the way she expressed things vividly using similes and metaphors. This book shows the power of motherly love and how sometimes you need to go out on a whim to change your life. It also teaches why it is important to imagine the unimaginable. This book was set in South Carolina in 1964 during the civil rights movement so for me It had a “Hairspray” like quality regarding the way most of the people in the town didn’t like that a white girl was staying with black women.

This book is a fiction story that has some history weaved throughout. It really showed the power of love and faith. I really liked how at the beginning of each chapter it had a piece of information about bees that related to that chapter. I think this is crucial to the book because throughout the book Lily is fascinated about bees and her new life’s foundation rests on bees and all the little things most people never know about bees (hence the name The Secret Life of Bees). Even when not a single bee is talked about in that chapter it really can relate to bees.

This author was also really good at provoking emotions she even made me crave a certain kind of food at one point. I thought this was a great book and for next month I plan on watching the movie so I can compare and contrast. I think this is a great book to make a movie after because it was written so visually so you could picture what was happening, but then again it could bother me if it’s not what I pictured, but thats how it always goes. As a whole this was a great book so pick it up today!


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