A Child Called It Review By Jake S.

David Pelzer’s “A Child Called It” is a book that recalls Pelzer’s abusive childhood. It describes the horrific events that his alcoholic mother put him through. He tells his story from his personal point of view. It is a story of perseverance and determination.

The story starts off with his rescue when he was 12 years of age. He had his head smashed into a counter that morning and the school nurse had noticed. Fed up with his abuse, his school principal finally contacted authorities. Soon after, Pelzer is on his way to the San Mateo Juvenile Department, never to return home. After you know how he is rescued, the story goes on to tell what he was rescued from. It follows his life up until that point describing different incidents of abuse such as denying him food for days, full force hitting for minor offences, or forcing him to where the same dirty unwashed clothes for years. As Pelzer grows up his abuse gets progressively more severe. He is burned with oven burners and at what point stabbed by his own mother.

Pelzer does a great job describing his abusive childhood but his writing style is very simple. He doesn’t use any sort of foreshadowing or metaphors or other literary tools. Because of the simple writing, the story feels more as if a he was telling it as a child instead of a man recalling these events. This may be a reason why the book has such an emotional impact.

Despite the his simple writing style, Pelzer’s story is an amazing one. To grow up from such an awful childhood into the man of may accomplishments he is today is incredible. He is living proof that the cycle of abuse can be broken. I would definitely recommended this thought provoking story to anyone.


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