“AMAZING GRACE” movie review by Amanda Yoder

The reason why I picked Amazing Grace to be my movie review was the dedication this man had . Amazing Grace is an excellent film to watch. A nonfictional story about this man wanting to end the slave trade. This film is centered around the song Amazing Grace. This song impacted the journey in ending the slave trade. The different camera shoots, lighting and the superb acting made this film very entertaining. Looking on how it affected me, it opened my eyes to  this hurting world and asking the question, how am I making a difference?

In 2006, Amazing Grace was directed by Michael Apted . A nonfictional story about a man, William Wilberforce, taking a stand against the slave trade. With all his strength and vigor, William dedicated himself to end the slave trade once and for all. With illness over taking his body, William had to take a holiday to his cousins, Henry Thornton. There staying with his cousins, William met his future wife, Barbra Spooner. With flashbacks of the past, this made William angry about what he could have done to end the slave trade. Barbra encouraged William to keep pressing forward with his goal. The next few days later, Barbra and William got married and they worked together to end the slave trade.

“Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a ranch like me. I once’s was lost, but now I’m found was blind by now I see.” One of most famous hymns of time. I believe this hymn helped end the slave trade once and for all. William Wilberforce had influenced this song. Many lives were saved through this song.

The acting in this film was superb. The main character playing William Wilberforce was Ioan Gruffudd.   Also playing as his wife was Romola Garai. Excellent lighting and the different mood changing in each camera shoot made the film very entertaining to watch. They did an outstanding job making this film.

The movie, Amazing Grace, is a inspiring film. I genuinely enjoyed watching this film many of times. It had opened my eyes to history, how things were back then. It also made me look on my life and to see how am I making a difference like William Wilberforce did. Taking many dangerous steps and going through difficult times, William had never given up on his goal. How are we today, are we making strives to make a difference in the world today?


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