“ Judith, Martyred Missionary of Russia “ was written by N.I Saloff-Astakhoff. This book is a nonfictional story about this women, Judith, who was very inquisitive about her religion. My grandpa told me to read this book. He said this book had impacted him. When I started to read I could not put the book down. I was amazed how this girl just turn away from her family because of her faith. Judith was martyred by the Russians from sharing her faith in public. She loved to tell others about this peace she had inside her heart. Her journey was full of ups and downs. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

Judith was a woman of God. Being raised in a Jewish home in Russia, Judith was very curious about their beliefs from little on up. Years have past and she decided to turn from her Jewish beliefs and follow Jesus Christ. Her conviction had cost her everything – her family, friends, and fiance. Being focused out of her own home, Judith then moved to Russia.

Dieing a horrible death because she was caught talking about her faith in public. She was found died on her knees praying with the bible in her hands. Judith had influenced many people in her life. She had shown the love and the care of her Saviour to every person she met. Wanting everyone to feel the peace in their heart just like she did. Being faithful till death, she knew she would one day be in heaven.

As mentioned before, “Judith, Martyred Missionary of Russia” is a nonfictional story. My grandpa had mentioned this book to me. I was amazed when I was reading this book was how this girl, Judith, was so curious about her Jewish religion. I couldn’t put the book down. It is a sensational book. I really enjoyed it and I know you will too.

I highly recommend this book. I was blessed when I read it. Judith was not only abandoned from her family but she chose to turn down all her worldly desires to follow her Lord. You will be moved after you read this book, I know I was.


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