BLACK WIDOW by Kayla C. Book Review

Every woman has to have a bachelorette party but when it gets out of hand, what do you? Well it just you and your girls having a little fun. “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. It will be our little secret” But what happens when that secret end up in the wrong hand? Shanay Lucinda Money is a successful business woman that is recently engaged with a talented actor named Michael Jonquil who owns a beautiful home in Florida. But her life as she knows it is on the brink of destruction when an unknown man blackmails her using footage that was taken at the bachelorette party in the Keys of Florida. For her to receive the video she must pay him a large sum of money… around $100,000. But it doesn’t stop there. Soon Shay’s friends and family are pulled into a web of treachery and deceit.

If you are looking for a book that has the suspension, lust and revenge than you have to read “Black Widow”. The book is very descriptive and gives you a vivid image of what is going on with the characters present in the book. “Palms and a rock ridge screened the house from a longer beach and a resort hotel a quarter mile away — a busy place with umbrellas and Jet Skis. Her, though, the house and lagoon were quiet, a private island on a larger island. It looked idyllic, safe.” The locations that took place in the book give the story a realistic setting. But throughout the book, you have to keep in mind what has happened in the previous chapters because it does not always go in chronological order.

            “Black Widow is a story that elaborates of the injustice that is present in the modern world of today, the corruptions that bring modern society to its knee. I have to say that when I started to read the beginning of this book I was immediately engaged into the reading. Unlike other books that slowly climb to the climax of the story, it (Black Widow the book) dives directly into the action with Shay delivering the money in trade for the footage of her bachelorette party. The intensity is there and you feel it throughout each chapter.

            Personally, I think that “Black Widow” is the projection of any engaged woman’s nightmare. I can’t quiet merely think of how horrible it must be to have this happen and this is what makes this book so good.  It makes you wonder and even gives you a glimpse of what can happen in our modern day world. While I was reading this book I could easily piece everything together perfectly so that the story made since from beginning to end. The author, Randy Wayne White, truly put forth his best work and created an intriguing book that entertains the readers.

            Due to some of the profanity use in the book, I would recommend that you would have to be within the age of 15 to read this book. But other than that, anyone can enjoy reading “Black Widow” or any novel written by the great author, Randy Wayne White. If you are looking for a book that carries 360 degrees of action and suspense, you must read this book. New York Times bestselling author Randy Wayne White “hasn’t lost his edge or his ability to keep a story line changing forward faster than we can keep up with it” (Sarasota Herald Tribune).


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