Precious movie review by Raquel.

Based on the book PUSH by: Sapphire

Precious is a heart filling story that will make you change your whole perspective of life. Some words to express this film are inspiring, powerful, potent and moving, and courageous. People often think that because we are a free country and have so many rights that certain events don’t take place in society. Well, watching Precious makes you believe otherwise. Mary played by the actor Monique was a drug addict and was mentally unstable. Nothing in Monique’s previous films and TV shows could have prepared her for this performance.  Her daughter was Precious played by Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe who was a 16 year old girl that was illiterate and was also raped by her father and had two kids by him. This film explains the horrors beyond a scary movie. I see this film as a reenactment of The Color Purple in some sense. I have to say the book was move explicit than the movie but I would highly recommend people of all kinds to go see it.

While reading the book PUSH there were a few times where I had to put the novel down and compose myself from the horrific thoughts running through my mind. I have been through some of these situations in my previous life so it kind of hurts to read that someone else had to experience these events. There was a scene in the moving where Precious had a flash back of her father raping her and u can see Mary (Monique) in the back ground watching while the event was happening. There are people in life today that don’t want to see people do well so they would sit around and watch u get hurt. There is a saying that says your family is the ones that hurt you the most; this shows a wonderful display of that.

The reason why I believe this movie is so moving to others is due to the courageousness and triumph of Precious situation. Even though she went through numerous battles from not being able to learn like others to being raped and molested by her parents, Precious went back to school, got her GED and raised her two kinds on her own. If anyone can make it through these tribulations then who is to say “I can’t make it.” No matter what you experience in life, good or bad, you should always learn from it and run with it. Don’t ever look back and tell yourself you can’t do something because of your past. Let your past be your motivation to succeed.

I require everyone from all over the world to watch this film because the message in this movie is universal. Situations such as Precious’s happen to people every day. This film will leave you with encouragement, dignity, and belief that you make it through anything. “Nothing is Impossible.”(Blu Rain; The Teacher at the alternative school).


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