Hold U Down Book Review by Breanna B


            Love is forbidden.  That is the one rule Unique and her crew lived by.  ‘Hold U Down’ is written by Keisha Ervin.  Unique saw men as mere playthings and vowed to herself that she would never fall in love.  She then meets a handsome man, Bigg, and wastes no time to fall in love.  She dreaded this day to come, but there was nothing she could do about it.  When Unique becomes Bigg’s fiancé, numerous things attempt to demolish their relationship.  Soon, Bigg is put in prison with a $1 million bail for a crime he didn’t even commit.  Unique decides to turn back to her old lifestyle to acquire the money for Bigg’s release.

            There are numerous characters in this book.  Unique is the main character.  The author did well with differentiating her from all other characters.  Unique is portrayed as an attention grabber capturing all the men’s eyes.  Money is always on her mind.  Bigg is another main character.  The author describes him as basically being ‘tall, dark, and handsome’.  To me, he seems to be just an average man, nothing special about him.  But the author makes Unique so attached to him.  Unique’s ‘clique’ consists of Zoe, Kay Kay and Kiara.  Kay Kay and Kiara are identical twins with completely different personalities.  Kay Kay is a peace maker while Kiara is a troublemaker.  Zoe, on the other is Unique’s closets character.  I didn’t like how the author portrayed this character.  She seemed to not have anything significant about her, but instead just floating around in the background.

            I enjoyed his book because it was entertaining.  The characters and twisted plot kept me coming for more.  The book, although, is mere entertainment.  It is not challenging at all.  The vocabulary throughout the entire book is probably at about a third grade level.  This book also uses much slang.  I believe the author should have gone more in depth with many of the dilemmas in the story.  Some situations were left hanging, such as how Bigg has a three year old son when he’s been in prison for seven years.

            In the end, I believe ‘Hold U Down’ is a great book, merely for entertainment.  If you are expecting a book that is challenging and informing, I’d advise you not to choose this one.  This book is aimed for African Americans.  I would suggest ages 16 and older to read this book because of the language and some of the events that take place.


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