Book Review: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Cherlinda P.

“Not every thirteen-year-old girl is accused of murder, brought to trial, and found guilty.” The story begins where Charlotte’s family is going back to America, but charlotte’s father wants her to finish school, so she is told to stay and she will follow them after finishing school. In parting, her father leaves her an empty black book and requests that she keep a daily journal for all that she does. It is in this little black book that all the terrors and the tragedies of what goes on are kept. Between mean crew members and an unfair captain, Charlotte finds herself doing things she would have never thought of, not even her wildest dreams.

Charlotte Doyle is the leading protagonist. In her entire life Charlotte has never really had to do excruciating work, but then again, in all her life she has never been a lone passenger on a mutinous ship. First, arriving on the ship, she sees it as a good idea to befriend the captain. After accidently befriending the chef too, she learns many things about the ship, its crew, and it’s so called captain. Charlotte begins to wonder if she may have made a mistake in choosing her friends.

The crew itself is very versatile. Throughout the book, you learn all about why the crew is always mad and why they never seem to like anyone. With tension between the crew and the captain, one wonders how in the world Charlotte will make it all the way to America in just one piece.

Captain Jaggery is easily and immediately noticed to be the antagonist. With a crew that purely hates him, Captain Jaggery is at his wit’s end. He results to drastic measures to keep his ship in order. Can Captain Jaggery himself make it to America? With a mutinous crew and dark secrets of his past returning, a very slim chance is possible that he might.

I wouldn’t recommend this story to any adults really. I mean not saying they wouldn’t like it, it’s just it would be better for teens or young adults as some like to call them. Out of 5 stars, I would probably give this book 4. Maybe it’s just my love of reading, but there are very few books that I’m introduced to that I don’t like. I tend to be a very versatile reader. Pretty much all of the book, except maybe two chapters takes place on the ship. I really like the book, and over Christmas break I think I’ll enjoy rereading it


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