Movie Review: Epic Movie by Cherlinda P.

Truthfully, I didn’t really actually like Epic Movie. I guess it was supposed to be making fun of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. Myself, I enjoyed The Chronicles of Narnia, but Epic Movie turned it into something that wasn’t very interesting or entertaining to watch. I would interpret the plot, but it’s pretty much the exact same plot as The Chronicles of Narnia, except done more terribly. When I first heard about this movie, I assumed from the previews that it would be very funny and it was in some small parts, but just not enough to convince me that this was a great movie.

In the movie, the main characters are Peter, Lucy, Edwin and Susan. Peter is the oldest, followed by Susan, then Edwin and last Lucy. In the prophecy, it was said that Peter was to lead them and that the two daughters of Eve and the two Sons of Adam were to come to Narnia one day and help to defeat the great white witch. This was basically still the same in the movie, but things like names and place were just turned around and called different things, so it wouldn’t be exactly the original movie.

The White Witch is the evil witch of Narnia, she alone is the sole reason for Narnia being eternally frozen in a cold, terrible Winter Wonderland. Under her reign though, Narnia is anything but a Winter Wonderland, and instead a vast amount of desolate forests forever frozen in winter. After she tricks Edwin, she then begins her pursuit of Peter, Susan, and Lucy in hopes of killing them, but in the way, Aslan steps.

I would pretty much only recommend this movie to immature people. Basically that means I would recommend this movie to little immature young men and boys. After seeing this movie it made me think to actually read reviews of what other people thought of the movie so I can see what kind of movie it will really be.


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