Pay It Forward – Review by Alyssa V.W.


Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward (the movie)

   I watched the movie Pay It Forward. This movie is great. It’s about a young boy, his mother who is an alcoholic, and his teacher.The boys’ name is Trevor Mckinney whose class project is, “What can I do to change the world?” He takes the social studies project to heart as he thinks of what a 12 year old boy can do to change the world. He comes up with this brilliant idea that causes a movement. He called it “Pay it forward.”

     He started himself off by helping people going through hard times. Everytime he sees someone troubled, he helps the, and then he continuously says, “Pay it forward. Pay it forward.” But his helping and sudden fame from the project may be too much for people to stand and may cause Trevor to think he can do anything and stop anyone. It gets him into trouble. 

     Over all, Pay It Forward it was a great movie. If I were to rate this movie it would get **** (4 stars.) THis movie is PG13, likewise, I recomend this movie ro anyone thirteen years old or older. It really is a fantastic film and is worth the time.


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