Book Review By Jazmine B.

Have you ever messed up and wished you could have a second chance? In Playing for Pizza by John Grisham there is one guy named Rick Dockery a third string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who got that when he blew a seventeen point lead in the AFC championship game. He got that second chance when he was signed by a low semi pro Italian team called the Parma Panthers.

The main character Rick Dockery a tall third string quarterback who messes up his chances with any team in the NFL is now in the hospital and when he got hit out of the game he didn’t even remember he even played in the game but when he watched his performance he was aching from even watching how he got hit and his new name in the NFL world was the “Goat”. Then when he was kicked out of the NFL basically he moved to Italy to play for the panthers because that was the only team that would take him. There is a lot of twist and turns when he is in Italy he has a girlfriend he eats differently and he plays football with rather good Italians.

Did I like the book? Yes I did it was a rather interesting book to read it showed you that you should always pursue your dreams and to always remember never give up on what you love.

I would recommend it to anyone who would think they deserve or had a second chance to improve their life. Rick Dockery is an example of what that is, he over came losing the AFC championship game and ruining his football career plus injuries he had to recover from and with the big move from two different countries. Then he even had to deal with reporters trying to find him and tabloids but he overcame all that and played with the Parma Panthers and won the Italian Super Bowl but I would really recommend this to John Grisham fans because he is a very talented writer.


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