Dewey: book review by Alyssa V.W.


Dewey (the book)

I read the book Dewey. Dewey is the name of a cat who is found early on a frigid winter morning in the small town of Spencer, Iowa at the spencer public library. Someone had placed him in the book return in January of 1988. He eventually earned  the full name Dewey Readmore Books. The name stuck.

     Spencer being a small town, the discovery of the orange kitten spread like a weed. Soon enough it was on news stations and in local papers. After quite a battle, the Spencer Public Library adopted the adorable kitten.

     Dewey grew on the public of Spencer. Soon, they had people coming to the library just to see the playful cat. The stuck up cat only ate fancy cat food. He didn’t like the regular and cheap catfood that most domestic cats eat, so in order to pay for his food, (part of an agreement to keep him) the staff and visitors of the Spencer Public Library would donate their soda cans to feed the cat. Also, the library recieved many genorous donations from as far as New York.

    Eventually, being the “Hot-Shot” that he was, Dewey was featured in magazines, news papers, and news reports all over the country. He was in Country Magazine and Cat Fancy Magazine.

Dewey was an enjoyable read and is garenteed to please anyone, which is why I rate it with ***** (5 stars) and recomend it to anyone of any age.


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