Movie Review-Pursuit of Happiness-Review By Jazmine B.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just feel like giving up and nothing’s going right for you? In the movie The Pursuit of Happiness that is how Chris Gardner’s life started out, he was a sales man selling bone density scanners and had to sell two every month just to get through.  Even with a child and wife working three shifts a day just was cutting it. Then something goes right when he meets Jay Twistle and gets an internship at Dean Witter.

Christopher Gardner (Will Smith) is an inspiration to everyone who ever wanted to give their child a future and just live a happy life. Christopher Gardner tries selling theses bone density scanners that he thought would be a gold mine a few years earlier and spent his family’s whole life savings, but when he finds out hospitals and doctors’ offices see them as an inconvenience he can’t sell them and is lucky enough if he even sells two every month just to get through. His wife works at a laundry shop of some sort and works three shifts a day while his son goes to a rundown babysitting service where they can’t even spell happiness. Everything gets tough when his wife leaves him and he has to keep his son all by himself but he keeps trying and never gives up on trying to give his son a great future and he finally succeeds and has a job at Dean Witter Stock Broker Firm.

Did I like the movie? Yes I did it, was a sad but inspirational movie where whatever happens to you; you should never give up and follow your dreams. Christopher Gardner shows that even in a world where it seems like nothing goes for him he still tries hard enough to make it.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone and any ages. Whenever you think everything is going wrong and it seems like nothing is going for you; you should just think about what you’re doing it for and what you want your children to have and I think that every parent wants a good childhood for their child. I think everyone in this world should see this movie just because it has a lot of morals and to me one of the best inspirational movies ever made.


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