Eagle Strike book review by Graison Johnson

Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz
Eagle Strike the name and the cover of the book caught my eye. I started reading and in the first chapter two assassins kill a drug lord. I was hooked immediately. It really starts when a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider is in France on vacation and he sees his uncles killer get off a boat so he follows him and see what he is up to. He was on the phone with someone and he knew something was up. It was a plot to blow up 9 of the most important cities in the World. The thing you don’t know is that Alex is a spy.

I really enjoyed the book. There were so many action part it was almost like watching an action packed movie in my head. Through out the whole book I couldn’t stop reading to see what was happening next. When I would put the book down at night I would fall asleep thinking about how Alex would get out of being kidnapped or how he would save the world. I couldn’t believe at the end he finds out his dad was a contract killer. I never saw that coming and that is what I love in a book. I’m  not usually a big reader but with this book it really got my attention. I really recommend this book to anyone who likes action books and likes to be on their toes during the whole book. Anthony Horowitz had suspense going during the whole book it was hard for me to stop reading. From start to finish I liked the book. Most critics can find a couple thing in ever the best books they don’t like. Maybe I’m just an easy critic but I loved it. Something that keep me reading even though reading is not something I like to do is good enough for me personally. Not everyone is like but I think a lot of people would enjoy this book as much as I did. It is all around a great book and I really think it is worth the time I toke reading it.


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