The Wedding- Allie H

The Wedding” by Nicholas Sparks is a love story like no other. Most stories are about a man and woman falling love. This tale is a bout a couple who’ve been together for 30 years, but their passion is dissolving. Wilson and Jane have fallen into a rut and, and they don’t know if the marriage can make it through.  Noah, Jane’s father and a helpless romantic, helps Wilson find ways to animate their lives. Over the period of the year Wilson starts to re-date Jane trying to earn her love back. Wilson comes up with the perfect plan, and he ties his daughters wedding into it. With the help of local friends and his three adoring kids, Wilson pulls off the perfect plan to win Jane’s heart back.

            I think the meaning of this book is to tell a story of true love and hope. Nicholas Sparks is an amazing story teller and knows how to draw feelings from his audience towards the character. You can feel the passion that Wilson holds for his wife and how desperately he wants to make her happy. Feelings like that are hard to create by reading a book, so I applaud Sparks for mastering that.

            My favorite quote from the book that they used repeatedly was the response Noah would always say. “I could be better, but I could be worse though”. I liked this saying because it really showed Noah’s character and personality. It shows that he’s gone through hard times, but he remembers to be grateful. And it really makes you like him as a sweet hearted old man.

            The content was sweet and overall a happy story.  Though Jane is threatening to leave Wilson, you can kind of tell that she won’t have the heart to do it so there isn’t really a worry to the reader. But you do know that Wilson loves her and all he wants is for her to be happy. The dilemma is how does he make her happy? Through out the book it is just happy event after happy event. Though I liked the sweet nature of the novel, I felt it was a little too ‘cheesy’ for me.

It was realistic in how the marriage was having trouble, but a little too unrealistic about how everything worked out absolutely perfectly. The only time I felt really shocked was at the end when Wilson pulls his stunt that I didn’t see coming, then the emotions were even stronger for me.

I would recommend this book for anyone who loves happy endings and stories of love that works out. Sparks does an amazing job at telling stories, so if that is what you like you should read The Wedding. He gets you attached to the characters and puts you in a awe of the setting.


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