FAHRENHEIT 451 – A review by Shelley T

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is quite a mind opening experience.  I began the book excited for what to expect, and shocked by its brevity. The book focuses on informing people about the importance of literature in your every day life. While I love reading, Fahrenheit 451 re-inspired me to start putting significant amounts of time aside for reading. It’s beautiful to read a work of art so wonderfully phrased and thought out that it inspires you to do something new. I would always read just whenever it came to mind, but now I’ve decided that I truly need to reserve a span of time in my day to reading and reading alone. It’s given me things to think about, particularly the worlds focus on technology and their tendency to desert the beautiful pleasures of the written word.

            One of  the things that truly stands out to me is Ray Bradbury’s intelligence. He seems like the kind of person that would be beautiful and wise, a real pleasure to talk to. His knowledge rings through in the way he words things with such detail and care. His words can exercise your mind and treat your heart. To read that he spent most of his time in a library devoting his days to reading is no surprise to me after reading his work. After reading Fahrenheit 451 I felt like he was one of the most intelligent people I had eved rheard! “It was a pleasure to burn.” Perhaps Fahrenheit 451’s most memorable quote, is the very beginning of the book. It’s so simple yet so devious, the words bring sprays of red and orange into my mind’s eye, allowing me to see the intense menace behind something that seems so normal. On a day to day basis there are people who will light things on fire for fun, and it’s become so normal that one can barely be affected by the idea. But the sentence is a different story! I believe it shows the malicious side of people, how they could be such glorious people but have such a tendency to find joy in something so destructive! To me, the entire book is like this. It makes you think about yourself, about your society, your friends, your family. “With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene upon the world, …” This sentence is another glorious example of the authors writing, yet another beautiful tidbit you can find just on the first page. To think he put so much care into the first page, the rest of the book just gets better and better.

            I believe Joshua Eckroth from Amazon.com words the feel of the novel quite well in this sentence: “This book is absolutely amazing. It describes a time in the future where censorship prevails and minds are caged.” Fahrenheit 451 shows how terrible the future would become if we all lived without the ability of independent thought. To be so ruled by the media that we would not be able to think for ourselves is a very scary idea, but the more you think about it, the closer we are to getting to that point. While we would most likely never reach the point where books would be “illegal”, we have reached the point in society where people would try to pull conclusions about you just for reading a book! People could call you “nerdy” or something just because you are choosing to read the work of an author, just for trying to expand your mind!

            I believe that Fahrenheit 451 should be read by everyone. Though its content may not be good for young children, once they grow older they should read this book so they can understand the beauty of reading. I feel like this is the book to read for anyone who is feeling burnt out by reading. It’s not a particularly difficult book, but it’s still incredibly intelligent. I feel like its content could be understood and appreciated by anyone over the age of 12. Ray Bradbury is intelligent and awe-inspiring and deserves intense amounts of respect as well as admiration.


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