October Sky- ALlie H

“October Sky” is one of the most inspirational films I’ve seen. Coalwood, a small mining town in West Virginia, is almost completely controlled by the mining company. The only people to get out are the athletes that get scholarships, the rest are predestined to becoming miners. Homer Hickom and his friends aren’t the athletic type, but they have a dream of leaving their small town. When Sputnik takes off, Homer finds his passion for rockets. The boys find out that they can receive scholarships from science fairs by building rockets. So that’s how they get started, they become the first kids in Coalwood to build rockets. Against Homer’s dad’s wishes, Homer become an expert and continues his passion for science.

            Jake Gyllenhaal played a great Homer Hickam in my opinion. He had the youthful passion and determination that made me believe that Homer really loved what he was doing. My favorite actor though was Laura Dern who played Miss Frieda Riley. She really believed in the Rocket Boys and wanted them to have a future, she displayed pride and affection towards them, that made a greater impact on the emotional value of the movie. Overall the acting was moving and believable.

The whole setting was realistic and very accurate. It didn’t seem fake or like a movie set. The clothes and cars all fit the time period. I think that anyone from that time period would enjoy it because it portrays what times were like.

I give this movie an A because overall it was a very moving film. It had hope, inspiration and passion; that is hard to come by. I wouldn’t change anything about the movie, Joe Johnston did an incredible job directing. He captured the emotion and the excitement. I recommend for anyone to see it, it’s a very good movie for all ages.


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