Public Enemies Movie Review By Graison J.

To start off I think that Public Enemies was an outstanding movie. Every aspect of it was entertaining. It was a perfect combination of blowing stuff up and intelligence. John Dillinger was the main character and was played by the great Johnny Deep. I personally think Deep did an amazing job. He had the perfect attitude and if I didn’t know he was actor I could easily think he was a world famous bank robber.

Everything starts in 1933 John Dillinger is top dog around Indiana until everything turns upside down. John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, and Pretty Boy Floyd are the best of the best when it comes to bank robbing. It’s like a sport to them. They only have one problem, a big problem, Melvin Purvis. He is an investigator trying to take them down and he won’t stop until he does. Melvin Purvis was played by Christian Bale. Bale did an amazing job he acted as the bad guy and the good guy and the same time. Just when I thought he would give up he would think of this great idea. This movie is filled with great actors. This is one of those movie you wont even leave your seat for a soda. It’s such a fast paced movie that if you miss a second it feels like you missed an hour.

Personally my favorite part was right after the guys all break out of jail and they are robbing banks and having fun but unfortunately it had to come to an end when Melvin Purvis got on the case. I watched this movie with my girlfriend and she didnt really understand it fully because if you missed a second you might come back to the couch and they are in the middle of a gun war. That was one thing i didnt like about the movie.

The movie was absolutely breath taking in so many ways. Michael Mann did an amazing job with this movie. This movies definitely keeps you o n your toes the whole time because as Purvis is trying to catch Dillinger he gets so close but not until the end does he finally get him; I would recommend this movie to everyone because it is a very intellectual movie and an action paced movie perfectly blended together to make one great movie.


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