BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM a movie review by Cooper Voss


Bend It Like Beckham    

“Anyone can cook aloo gobi, but who can bend a ball like Beckham?”

            Bend It Like Beckham is a powerful story that deals with racism, athleticism, and cultural differences. It is about two girls with a desperate passion for soccer, but faced with many challenges. Jessminder ‘Jess’ Bharma’s East Indian background causes major disapproval from her parents. Juliette ‘Jules’ Paxton is her English friend who makes Jess join the soccer team. The friends endure many obstacles together but they push through it so that they may reach their goal and play on a professional team in America.

            Parminder Nagra gives a realistic performance in her role as Jess. She does a great job at showing that she does not disrespect her Sikh faith, just disagrees with it sometimes. Her big idol is David Beckham, hence the title “Bend It Like Beckham”. Keira Knightley played Jules very well. She nailed the tomboy, athletic, yet still a girl with feelings character, and is a great contrast to Jess. Jonathan Rhys Meyers played the girl’s coach, Joe. He made his conflict between having feelings for Jess while still being her coach very believable. Joe tries to kiss Jess while they are out partying in Germany, however he yells at her when they get back home because Jess makes a bad move on the field. I loved certain camera angles made in this movie because it made you want to keep watching to see what would happen next.

            This movie made me want to keep watching not only because of the good acting, but also because of the important message. Cultural differences should not stop a person from doing what they want to do. Parents should support their children and their passions, as long as it isn’t dangerous. If parents were supportive, then it would not put the son or daughter in the position of having the option to lie and sneak around. Another message that you have to look a little deeper to find is that if you need help or if you aren’t strong enough, it’s okay to let other people know. It is better to ask for the help than try to do something on your own and get hurt.

            I would recommend this film for anyone in their teens or older. Especially people who love soccer. It is a fun, moving story that will make you want to get up and start kicking a ball around and “Bend It Like Beckham”!


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