BILLY ELLIOT review by Kaycee W.

The film I chose to review was ‘Billy Elliot’. I have to say this film is one of my all time favorites. It’s all about following your hopes and dreams no matter what they might be. Billy Elliot takes place in England during the mid 80’s when the minors strike was taking place. Billy is aspiring to be a dancer. This notion is frowned upon by many people. Hence the critics and unsupportive feed back, Billy pursues his dreams. In the end he is a true success.

This movie is an excellent choice for those who are interested or involved in the performing arts. It gives you legit insight on the trials and struggles one must go through to achieve their goals. The performing arts industry is a brutal spotlight and not all make it through successfully. You get insight on the mentality it takes to make it. This film is inspirational, uplifting, touching and genius.

The dialogue and plot are well constructed. The filming quality is decent as well. I was not discouraged at any moment in time while watching this movie. From beginning to finish it was amusing and a joy to watch. I don’t think I could possibly express how much I adored the morals and ethics of this film. It was simply stupendous and a thrill to watch.

Self-expression is the most important belief I stand for. I feel that no one should be ashamed of whom he or she is or what he or she does. They should be proud of who they are and what they do. Billy Elliot is no doubt the essence of that credo. This film was inspirational on so many levels. I advise anyone who is self searching to watch this film. In the end you will feel uplifted and touched.


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