ECLIPSE-book review by jazmine b.

“If we had happy endings, we’d all be under gravestones now” (Rosalie).When Bella graduates high school all she wants is for Edward to turn her into a vampire so they can be together forever. But for that to happen she had to promise him they would get married. Everyone in the Cullen family wants her to join the family, except for Rosalie. Rosalie explains to Bella how she didn’t have a choice of becoming a vampire and told her the story of how she became one. All Rosalie wants for Bella is to make sure this is what she really wants and when Rosalie was done this got to Bella and she started thinking everything through.  I loved this book!! It gave me a real insight on the rest of the characters, from the rest of the Cullen’s to the whole werewolf clan. 
       In Eclipse, the main characters were of course Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Rosalie and Jasper are examples of characters that were already in the other books but were more introduced in this book.  The setting wasn’t as different from the first two books. There are still parts at Bella’s house, school, the Cullen’s house, La Push and the most significant part was taken place in the forest. The style of Stephenie Meyer was really descriptive and at the end of each chapter it kept me at the end of my seat. One of my favorite parts was when Bella and Edward were home alone for the weekend and they were talking about Bella turning into a vampire. Bella was saying she only wanted one thing from Edward before she turned and that was to have sex. But Edward didn’t want to right now because he said he would break her and told her to just wait.

      “I punched a werewolf in the face” (Bella). Another one of my favorite parts was when Bella tried hurting Jacob by punching him the face. The reason she did that is because he said that he was in love with her and will fight for her. So he kissed her furiously and wouldn’t stop. ”Show me the damn ring, Edward” (Bella). Another part, when Bella finally said she would marry Edward. Edward was delighted, but didn’t want to show her the ring.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the first two books, so they know what is happening and doesn’t get lost. I really think females would enjoy this book more than males because it is more of a love story. Also I recommend this book to anyone who likes really good fiction books that can make you seem like it happens in real life.


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