ECLIPSE – reviewed by Angela C.

Written by: Stephanie Meyers

“Staring into his eyes always made me feel extraordinary — sort of like my bones were turning spongy. I was also a little lightheaded, but that could have been because I’d forgotten to keep breathing. Again.” -Bella. I like this quote. Being someone who likes to read romance books, reading that makes me feel happy for the character. In Eclipse, there is a killing spree going on in Forks, Washington. And Bella being a danger magnet she is, can’t help but to find herself in the middle the drama. Again. And between the ultimatums of her love for Edward and her friendship with Jake, and the choice and decision of life or death, this is really hard on Bella. What will she chose?

Reading Eclipse last year during the afternoons, I admit, it was a little slow in the beginning. There was a point where I was wondering “What are they talking about?”, and “I don’t understand what they’re doing right now!” It was extremely aggravating. But later on in the book, I started getting back in tune to Stephanie Meyer’s writing style. And once I was back into the book, it was only starting to get good. And if I had to put this book into a genre, I’d put it in teen romance. I mean it makes sense. It is a teen sensation around the globe, and it involves romance between an immortal and a mortal.
The love interests, if you don’t know, is between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. A love triangle. Bella Swan, who moved from Arizona to Forks, Washington, live with her father, Charlie as she calls him, in the beginning of the 1st book, meets Edward Cullen. The Cullen Clan has Carlisle, the “father” of the clan, his wife Esmee, the “mother”, Rosalie, Alice, the “daughters”, with Edward, Jasper, Emmett, the “sons” of the clan. The Cullens are vampires. Throughout the book series Edward, starts to fall in love with Bella. As they continue with their “need” for each other, an old childhood friend of Bella, reappears. That friend is Jacob. Who until the second book, do you get more impressions that his like for Bella is more than just friendship. In the second book, New Moon, which just came out into theaters, do you find out Jacob’s biggest secret, he’s a werewolf! Which would explain his hatred for the Cullens. That should have caught you up with the characters.
If I had to choose my favorite character, it would be between Bella, Edward, Alice, Carlisle, Esmee, and Rosalie. Sorry, but I’m an Edward fan. Why are they my favorite characters? Well, Bella and Edward are my favorite characters for the same reason; because not only is she the main character, but because being someone who loves romantic movies and books, I can understand her “need” for Edward. The reason why I like Alice is because of her awesome personality and powers. She sings, and being a music kids really appeals to me, she is artsy, and her power to see the future is really cool! If I had her powers, I’d be really happy! Carlisle and Esmee are another of my favorite characters because, even though they don’t have a pulse and blood running through them, they make Alice, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper into a normal, or as close as normal as they can get, family. Just because they don’t have a pulse doesn’t mean they can’t be a family. My last favorite character is Rosalie. Even though throughout the books, she is really mean to Bella, I still like her. And the only reason she’s mean to Bella, is because she wants to make sure that becoming immortal is really what Bella wants, because if Rosalie had a choice to become mortal again, she would say yes in a heartbeat. And the fact that her story of how she became a vampire is really sad. Sadder than the others stories.
I suggest that if you liked reading the Twilight series, or about vampires and werewolves, then go head and read it. And even though, Stephanie Meyers is criticized about her writing, I still love her books. They’re easy to relate to. Boy meets girl. Girl falls, hard. But then again, us teenage girls don’t fall in love with vampires or werewolves. So, it gives it a little twist typical teen romance. And if you’ve ever wondered what the ribbon on the cover symbolizes, the ribbon itself represents life. More of Bella’s life. And the last strand holding the two almost pieces together is Bella’s decision of whether she wants to stay mortal, or become immortal.


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