GIRLFIGHT movie review by cherlinda polynice


  “It’s about to be a what? A Girlfight!” Girlfight is a drama of which focuses on a troubled teen who decides to let out her anger and aggression by boxing. Despite her abusive father’s and her prospective trainer’s skepticism, she tries her hardest to make it in this male-dominated sport. Diana (the troubled teen) at first begins to train without her father knowing. Once he finds out he tells Diana of his disapproval and thoughts of how he believes she couldn’t make it because she’ll never amount to anything. Diana trains hard in order to prove everyone who doubted her wrong. She achieves impressive success, blazing new trails for female boxers all over.

                “Maybe life is just war period.” Diana Guzman played by Michelle Rodriguez is the main character in Girlfight. Growing up struggling, it causes her to become what is known as a “troubled teen”. Living with her abusive father and her artistic brother, Diana feels she needs a way out. With support from her best friend Marisol and her “boyfriend” Adrian, Diana fights.  Pushing farther away from her father, Diana gets closer to Adrian, but it turns out that maybe this closeness could be her downfall.

                “Now we’re boxing.” Hector Soto played by Jaime Tirelli plays the part of Diana’s coach. When Diana first comes to him, he thinks of her as a joke, but after time he realizes how bad she wants it and begins to believe that she can really go far. Pushing her to be the best she can be, Hector puts all his efforts into getting Diana the fights and rights she deserves in the world of boxing.

                “My life with you is war.” Adrian Sturges played by Santiago Douglas has the role of being a boxer at the center where Diana trains. After meeting her, he begins to fall, but he makes mistakes that lead to him to choosing between his career and her. Feeling over-whelmed Adrian has a tough time making this decision. His career or Diana?

                The main setting of Girlfight is the gym at which Diana trains. This movie was very good. I felt the ending was a little on not so great side. There could have been more to it, but other than that it was good. I’d recommend this movie to most teen girls. Because it’s rated R, I would have to say maybe around 15 or 16 year olds. I really felt like Girlfight had a good storyline and plot. It really showed how hard work and determination can lead to great things and accomplishments.


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