Independent America movie review by Brandon G.

This documentary makes me dream of an America free of the over abundance of big corporations. It opened my eyes to the plague of these “big box” monopolies. Our country is littered with tens of thousands of places like Walmart, Starbucks, and Mcdonald’s. These quick and cheap alternatives spell disaster for “mom and pop” stores around the nation. This documentary analyzes many of the problems with big corporations but mainly focuses on the impact that they make in small towns and communities.
Many small and independently run businesses in America are shot down by big box corporations such as Walmart who offer “cheap” and “unbeatable” prices. If cheapness and convenience is all that Americans are concerned about than I am concerned for them. What happened to the days when quality and craftsmanship was what we looked for in a product? Why not go to a mom and pop store and spend a few extra dollars on something of high quality and is made or grown locally? By doing this, you support your community because the money you spend doesn’t just benefit one business, it benefits many other neighboring ones as well.
This wasn’t one of the best documentaries I’ve seen but it does its job. It is a bit slow towards the end, but very informative nonetheless. The husband(Hanson Hosein) and wife(Heather Hughes) who filmed this documentary simply hit the road searching for mom and pop stores around America, though they didn’t find quite what they were hoping for. Most independent businesses had been shut down mainly because of neighboring big box corporations. On their journey they experienced the good and bad of independent business. Some motels that they stayed at were beyond despicable and some restaurants were the best they had ever eaten at.
I think what this documentary really shows is how all these fast-food restaurants and super stores are taking away from our culture. Hanson and Heather went out and explored our country. They saw what it used to be like before there were interstates lined with colossal billboards. They saw the old roads that have been traveled for many years by people from all over, each one with a unique back round and history. I think when a person shops at some super store or strip mall, they miss out on the American experience. To me that experience means going to a family owned stored and seeing friends, family, or people that you know. It means knowing where your dollar goes and where your product comes from. You don’t get that with Walmart. That’s what this documentary tries to convey.


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