LOVELY BONES by jamal gaines

I’ll start by saying….This book is amazing! Lovely Bones was written by Alice Sebold. The story is narrated by the main character, Susie Salmon. It is about fourteen-year-old Susie Salmon who was raped by her neighbor, Mr. Harvey, and killed tragically. While Susie watches from a gazebo in her heaven, she watches the lives of her family members and her friends. Although this was a great book, it was somewhat hard to understand. For example, the first page tells us how she was raped and murdered then a few pages later it goes through how exactly it happened. Sebold has no chronological order in this book at all. As I was reading this novel, many parts left me confused because the book’s format was very complicated. I’ve met three people who are reading the same book as me and find it to be amazing just as I did. Despite misunderstandings in the text


The Lovely Bones is narrated in the first person. That’s probably my favorite thing about this book. Also, what puts it over the top is how the main character is not just telling a story. It’s more like she is explaining to me what she is seeing. Alice Sebold used the main character’s narration to reveal her imaginary life between heaven and earth. The whole story is played around Susie watching her family from above. She sees many events that happen to her family members after she dies. It kills her to know she is helpless to them when they need her the most.

Another thing that really caught my attention in this book was how; Susie reached out and told stories of every person who was a part of her life. Sebold has a way of showing each character’s good half and their bad. For example, Susie’s killer George Harvey grew up stealing things for his mother and he never got along with his father. He keeps a keepsake of each one of his victims.


            I would recommend this book to anyone! It’s a great book. Judging by the text more than likely it would be better for someone in the ninth grade or higher. Its somewhat of a “chick book” but I still loved it.


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