THE CORPORATION Film Review – Jake S.

The Corporation is a well thought out and interesting documentary. It is about the growing presence of large global businesses in today‘s society. This documentary reflects how their decisions impact the world.

This documentary shows how corporations grown greatly in size and power since the industrial revolution. “150 years ago, the business corporation was a relatively insignificant institution. Today, it is all-pervasive. Like the Church, the Monarchy and the Communist Party in other times and places, the corporation is today’s dominant institution.”  It explains the laws and loopholes that let them get away with damaging the environment, exploiting underpaid workers and violate human rights.  They can openly break the law and to admit guilt because their profits outweigh the fines.

“This shirt sells for $14.99, and the women who made this shirt got paid $0.03. Liz Claiborne jackets, made in El Salvador. The jackets cost $178 dollars, and the workers were paid $0.74 for every jacket they made. Alpine car stereos, $0.31 an hour. It’s not just sneakers. It’s not just apparel. It’s everything.” This shows just how grossly underpaid these workers are.

The Corporation provides uses major news stories to illustrate the different corporate developments. It uses good information and facts about how the system works. It shows how viewers can realistically enact change. “So we’ve got to undo a lot of things in order to be smart enough to do this really dangerous and risky and difficult work, you know, the best way that we possibly can. And that means coming together and learning a whole lot of stuff that we just don’t know, that has been driven out of the culture, driven out of the society, driven out of our minds. That, to me, is the most exciting thing. That is happening, it’s happening all over the world now. ” This documentary encourages viewers to take action in regards with the world’s future the corporations are only interested in profit.

The Corporation is a very well made documentary. I personally enjoyed it a lot. I would definitely recommend it.


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