Think about this for a change. You are homeless and lost both your parents and one of your siblings in a vicious civil war attack. Thousands of children from the Dinka tribe were orphaned from the bloody murders of their parents, but these boys did the impossible. The Lost Boys of Sudan is a documentary how the life of these children changed when they are given the opportunity to help their people and to do that they were sent to the United States of America. Unfortunately, there view of the USA was totally different from what they expected and a great struggle was upon them.

            I’ve never had the first hand experience of losing someone to warfare but I can tell you that it’s a painful feeling. When I saw this documentary for the first time, I never knew that it had ever occurred. It surprised me that as much as the United States broadcast the war conflict of distant countries, that they fail to capture the how much of an impact they had on the people themselves. But seeing this documentary changed the way see things. It is amazing to see such whole-hearted boys rise from such a horror and succeed in life.

            Many people don’t know the whole story of the situation and didn’t know how serious it was but by watching this documentary I saw it second hand the living condition were absolutely awful. About 27,000 boys were sheltered in cramped building with limited supplies including food and necessary items such as clothing. These boys have made a great contribution back to their tribe by rebuilding and reconstructing homes, hospitals and schools for the Sudanese people altogether. It is an inspiration for people like me.

            I did see something that troubled me in the documentary. Little boys, no young than 14 years of age talked about the fact that they longer wanted to live with the pain that they suffer everyday. It broke my heart to hear these words from a boy that had not even seen teenage years were considering the choice of ending his life. I could not imagine the pain that he had endured but it’s hard to see that knowing that you can do something about it. Children, no older than the age of 8, have seen the murder of there fathers, mothers, younger and older siblings, and friends. But are filled with weakness and sorrow.

The film does contain some violence in the beginning, but other than that I recommend that you should be of a mature age .I realized that there is more than one person out there that can make a difference. The movie overall is motivating and stimulating. It truly symbolizes the strength that is found in every living being. This documentary shows that with hope and the help of others you can achieve a goal that will become prosperous to all in need.


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