V FOR VENDETTA – Film Review (Christian T.)

V for Vendetta is a 2006 thriller based on the novel of the same name. Set in a dystopian future of London, the plot revolves around masked character, known only as V, a “terrorist” as called by the government. He seeks to start a social and political revolution, carefully planning events and assassinations to play out to finally reach the climax, while at the same time seeking his own personal vendetta against those who turned him into what he is.

V for Vendetta is a superb movie, gracefully translating from the novel to the film. Along with great acting, the film retains its political and philosophical meaning. The protagonist, “V”, is a literate and mysterious “hero”, capable of describing and criticizing the feelings of others, and is able to carefully think out what he says and how he says it, showing a smarter side of him, however, you might think he is mentally ill, pursuing his personal revenge with no regrets upon committing murder. “People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people”. His political ideals lead him to revolt against the totalitarian government. This film provides a dark side of such a government, showing the limiting freedom that you would have under one. It shows the British one as a monstrous and unhuman one, showing no mercy to those opposed to it. This can be interpreted as a warning of giving the government too much power that eventually any country could and would turn into a dystopia. Weather you portray V as a monstrous terrorist or a heroic revolutionary, or even both, is up to you, allowing personal interpretation to the viewer.

Aside from its intricate and interpretive plot, V for Vendetta offers many other things such as great acting. Although you never see V’s face, his words and actions give you a good understanding of what he stands for and really portray his emotions. The dialogue is written nicely, often intelligent, but never pretentious. The setting gives off a dark, but realistic vibe. It also has action that any movie goer would enjoy, with fights beautifully choreographed, but even the action is nothing compared to the overall atmosphere. It genuinely examines the human condition, where fear is a weapon of the government, exploiting fears of its people to gain its objective. This is what separates it from other thriller movies. It’s hardcore realism.


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