Students learn about the different landscapes of the world but why does that matter? Why do I have to know where the capital of China is located? It’s for the exact reason why you learn language, mathematics, and logical reasoning…. because it shapes the modern day world. Why Geography Matters depicts how the various amount of ways that geography has an effect on politics, trade, health, global terrorism, cultural diversity, government, and power. Surprisingly the environment in which we inhabit can determine the outcome of a country’s ranking economically, environmentally, and politically. The multitude of subjects that involve the information of a country’s status (physical features including livestock, population, agriculture) has greatly impacted the economic stand point at which a country stands. This book is truly amazing.

            In order for us (the people) to solve the problems that face our world, we must look at every aspect (including geography) that can contribute to that problem and this book has does exactly that. This book gave me the insight that I never knew existed. After reading this book I was able to look around a physically see how much of the environment around me plays a big roll in the development of my community. For example most houses in Sarasota, matter of fact Florida, don’t have basements due to the weather and this has an effect on housing cost as well as housing. So you see the connection.  

Before, I never would have thought of GEOGRAPHY having such a big effect on the problems that we face today. “With our human numbers approaching 7 billion and global warming opening the last niches for habitation, the question is: what happens when the ice returns, as it has more than a dozen times during the Pleistocene?” Chap. 3, p. 73. This was an interesting fact to think about, knowing that global warming is affecting many of the factors that contribute to the dramatic change in the weather and climate. It’s also fascinating that with every conflict it can be traced back to a geographic factor. This connection is quiet important because it can help us solve our problems that we face in modern day society.

            Reading this book gave me a great frame of mind and expanded my knowledge quiet a bit. Though the information that was given to me was kind of hard to decipher what the author was trying to get across. Advanced vocabulary at a college level flowed throughout the entire book. I also recommend that any reader should be of high school age in order to understand the writing.  I must admit that the book is quiet challenging even I had to look up a page of words but overall the book is educational and informal about the world of today.


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