BREAKING DAWN – Book Revew By: Breanna B.

“When you loved the one who was killing you, it left you no options. How could you run, how could you fight, when doing so would hurt that beloved one? If your life was all you had to give your beloved, how could you not give it? If it was someone you truly loved?”  Breaking Dawn is the last book of the Twilight Saga written by Stephanie Meyer.  Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen have finally gotten married.  They spend their honeymoon on a private island, on which they have sexual intercourse for the first time.  Bella realizes she is pregnant and the process is happening at an uncontrollable rate.  It’s assumed that Bella has a monster growing inside her with suggests to kill it; but Bella has become attached and, monster or not, she cannot let go of her child.  Once the Quileute werewolves and The Volturi hear about the birth of a vampire child, they immediately plan to destroy it.  Bella, Edward, and the remaining of their family must come together to try and save this precious half vampire, half human child.

There are a variety of characters in this book.  The story is in three parts; two parts in which are narrated by Bella.  I believe that Bella has a very unusual character.  She is extremely brave, considering her boyfriend, and his entire family, is vampires.  Her best friend is a werewolf.  Throughout the entire saga, there have been threats to kill her because of her being human.  Bella is the only being whose mind cannot be affected by the powers of other vampires, indicating that she is not like other humans.  The remaining part of the book is narrated by Jacob Black.  Jacob Black became Bella’s best friend after Edward left her in the second book.  I always thought of Jacob to be as a ‘rebound’ to Bella.  Jacob, although is very caring and honest.  He tolerates all of Bella’s actions, but does not approve of her ‘bloodsucker’ boyfriend.  I also view Jacob as a sort of rebel.  Jacob broke away from is wolf pact, realizing that he is an Alpha dog.  Edward is another key character of this tale.  I’ve also thought of him as charming.  He is head over heels in love with Bella, although he is always urging to eat her.  Being of his kind, I’ve never completely understood how he has controlled himself for years by not causing her any harm.  Renesmee is introduced in this book.  This is the daughter of Bella and Edward.  She grows at an exceptionably speedy rate.  She is also very intelligent.  She also has a special gift.  When she touches you, she is able to show you everything in her mind.  This is how she communicated as a younger child.

The plot of Breaking Dawn is very interesting.  I enjoy the fact the author is very detailed with the events that occur in the book.  She seemed greatly creative in creating the storyline for the entire saga.  The plots, although, summarize to that of many romance stories:  Girl meets boy, forces prevent them from being together, but in the end they end up happily ever after.  All of the mythological characters add to the enjoyment of it though.  I would have appreciated if Bella did not receive everything she wanted at the end of the book.  She ended up being a vampire with Edward, and still stayed in contact with her father.  She also was able to maintain a friendship with Jacob.  If the book were realistic at all, I don’t think that her situation in the end is at all.  It would have been more interesting is Bella did not receive everything she asked for.

In the end, I believe that Breaking Dawn, as long as the rest of the Twilight Saga, is a great book.  The author creates a description of vampires that were overlooked by all.  The characters in the book differ in numerous ways, and the plot was interesting with all the kinds of creatures.  I would recommend this book to mostly females of ages 13 and older.


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