Lovely Bones movie review by Jamal G.

Lovely Bones the movie…. Not even close to as good as the book. It was directed by Peter Jackson. It had its strong points. Such visual aspects that can’t be portrayed through a book but it was just something about the book that the movie just couldn’t reach. It was too many important parts were skipped over or left out. If I would have seen the movie first I would have never picked up the book because the movie was to “open” it was as if something was missing. It might have been because I read the book first, but I still think I would have had to many unanswered questions.

The movie skipped over so many important parts. For example, in the book it said Abby (Susie’s mom) left home and moved into her dad’s vacation home to be with detective Fernanan. But in the book she moved out of the state to A small plantation so she could be alone to help her cope. Believe it or not that’s a huge difference. That changes everything. It almost takes away from her role. This was much deeper than what was portrayed in the movie. It puts Susie and her mother much farther apart. In the book, after she died they grew closer even though she left her family. In the movie, they grew farther apart before they grew close again.

Another thing that caught my attention was how they didn’t give the bio on how each person was a part of Susie’s life. People who were close to her didn’t even have as big as a role as they should have had. Her best friend in heaven was Holly. In the book they did everything together. In the movie all she did was introduce her to heaven. Not only that. She was a Vietnamese 14 year old. In the movie she looked some sort of Asian. In the book she had an older lady as a guide to real heaven. In the movie she ceased to exist.

In conclusion, the movie was ok.  But it had nothing on the book. Someone needs to try that one over, and check around before that just threw important parts out.


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