The Member of the Wedding Book Review by Amanda Yoder

“Yesterday, and all twelve years of her life, she had only been Frankie. She was an I person who had to walk around and do things by herself. All other people had a we to claim, all other except her…”

Carson McCullea wrote many novels, essays, short stories and plays. Numerous of her works were fiction or nonfiction. One of her works. The Member of the Wedding, turned out to be a prize-winning Broadway play. She also wrote many other great novels such as Reflections in a Golden Eye, Clock without Hands and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe.

However, The Member of the Wedding is a fiction book about a girl who tried to grow up to fast. Frankie Addams was twelve years old . She was a stubborn young lady who was not in a club or not a member of any group. She hated her life and did not have to many friends. Berenice Brown, the Addams house-keeper, was one of the only friends Frankie had. When she heard her bother was getting married, Frankie was determined that she was going to runaway with them. Telling everyone she know her plans, Frankie meet this soldier who took advantage of her and kissed her. After that she started to realize there is more to being an adult than falling in love. McCullea writes “This was the summer when for a long time [Frankie] had not been a member.”

How was my reaction to the book? From my view point, I did not enjoy reading this book . It was a really good book to understand and to read, but it was just very plain. I recommend this book to people who like to read books that they can understand, but from a personal choose, I believe there are better books out there


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