SUPERSIZE ME movie review by Alyssa V.W.

Supersize Me is a crazy comedic documentary of a man who tries to show the nation how bad fast food is for you by eating nothing but McDonald’s for a month straight. This Documentary can teach us alot of what we ignore until the weight ends up on our shoulders, and more literally, our hips!

To show how dangerous this task is for him, in the beginning, he has to visit many different types of doctors, and almost every single one thinks what he is doing is pointless, dangerous, and for even attempting it, he’s out of his mind. This also shows how much hard work and determination is put into what he is about to do which, in turn, shows how much he cares about this growing problem as well.

This documentary is not like many other documentaries because this documentary is about a growing problem in the U.S.A. It also takes place in the U.S.A.

What this man says about America’s problem is all true. We are a growing nation that advances day by day with new technologies and what not. We are so self absorbed and too busy with our fast paced lives to do things for ourselves anymore, including cook for ourselves. Likewise, we turn to the option of “fast food.” Pretty much any food that is considered “fast food” is so bad for our bodies and in turn makes us slower, lazier, and unfortunatly fatter.

Luckily, though, it is “in” now to be fit or in shape; to be skinny. Skinny, though it makes us feel good about ourselves, doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Healthy, strong and skinny are a good combination. A combination that will not be cracked unless we drop this act of being too busy, which is American code for “I’m too lazy.” In other words, get up out of that chair or couch that you ate sitting in and get outside. If you excersise enough, you can be fortunate enough to aford that “value” meal in the drive through once or twice aonth while maintaining your brilliant design and figure you have acheived by exercising after watching this moving, truthful, and motivating documentary. You will enjoy it. I did and I got something amazing out of it.

On a scale from one to ten, I would rate it as a ten! It’s a brilliant demonstration of what can happen to you id tou get too consumed by your food!
If I were to set an age group to this documentary, I’d say I recomend this film to anyone from ages 12 and up! This highly enjoyable picture is worth your time! You won’t be disappointed, but you will feel enlightened.


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