“Click clack, click clack, click clack, click clack” is the noise you hear, after two minutes of  opening credits, as king Arthur and his porter “ride” (trotting while banging coconuts together) through Brittan. They come to a castle taken over by the French and it fuels a conversation about how coconuts got to Britain, being of tropical origin they come to the conclusion that an African swallow carried them there while it was migrating. This movie is of course Monty pythons holy grail, a low budget film spoofing king author and the Holy Grail. Monty python’s Holy Grail is directed by terry Gilliam and terry Jones and released in the United States May 10th 1975.  the film was mostly shot in on location in Scotland near various castles, Since the movies budget was pretty low (229,575$) most of the castles that appear in the movie are “Doune castle” shot from different angles or with cardboard models propped up on the side to make it look like a different castle.  Monty python and the Holy Grail had a great mocking humor, and various other ridiculous things that made it one of my favorite movies of all time.

 The movie starts off with the credits in the beginning, a bit different and at the bottom of the screen you’ll notice random sub titles popping directed towards the audience this is known as breaking the 4th wall. (This 4th wall is known as the imaginary wall between the audience and a stage, in this case the credits and the people sitting on there couches munching on MSG filled chips). Another great running gag in the movie is the coconuts, being a low budget film they couldn’t afford horses so they had to think of something to fill in. So they use   the sound of coconuts being banged together to intimidate the sounds of horses hooves and this is how the conversation I was talking about in the paragraph above gets started. The only time in the Whole movie that a horse does appear is when an unidentified knight rides by and kills a famous historian, once again breaking the 4th wall.

On there quest to find the Holy Grail the knights run into various obstacles and set backs, one of the most notable would be the killer rabbit that guards the cave that has the location of the Holy Grail. The seemingly harmless fuzz ball turns out to be a viscous flesh craving monster. There is a scene in the movie I really like the idea of, A stubborn black knight that one of king Arthurs knights fights, After severing all of the black knights limbs the artery gushing knight mutters “its just a minor flesh wound, get back here ill gnaw your legs off!”. Monty python spoofed a lot of things, some that even weren’t in the right time period, like the Trojan bunny scene. In this bit the knights build a Trojan bunny to invade a French castle, after building the bunny they wheel it up to the castle and leave..Whats wrong with this scene? They forgot to get in the bunny!

 Monty Pythons Holy Grail really is a joy to watch, filled with great little gags, and timeless quotes that could make even the ill-humored major in the army pee themselves from laughter. After a good 81 minutes off my friends and I laughing and gagging on chips and soda I had determined this was one of the best movies made. Normally people bash low budget movies for being un-realistic and a waste of time but at the end, and while writing this review, I have to say I’m glad they didn’t have butt loads of money to spend on the Holy Grail. I mean all in all if they did use real horses and different castles every time , people wouldn’t be galloping around banging coconuts together in the grocery stores or saying “its just a minor flesh wound” every time they got hurt. Also you can’t forget the “I fart in your general direction” when they have to let one go!


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