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     “Click clack, click clack, click clack, click clack” is the noise you hear, after two minutes of  opening credits, as king Arthur and his porter “ride” (trotting while banging coconuts together) through Brittan. They come to a castle taken over by the French and it fuels a conversation about how coconuts got to Britain, being of tropical origin they come to the conclusion that an African swallow carried them there while it was migrating. This movie is of course Monty pythons holy grail, a low budget film spoofing king author and the Holy Grail. Monty python’s Holy Grail is directed by terry Gilliam and terry Jones and released in the United States May 10th 1975.  the film was mostly shot in on location in Scotland near various castles, Since the movies budget was pretty low (229,575$) most of the castles that appear in the movie are “Doune castle” shot from different angles or with cardboard models propped up on the side to make it look like a different castle.  Monty python and the Holy Grail had a great mocking humor, and various other ridiculous things that made it one of my favorite movies of all time. Continue reading

The Giver book review by Graison J

The Giver says, “the world didn’t fit how people wanted it so they changed it” this is relevant to the book because the whole book is about the boy trying to figure out why they changed the world. The Giver by Lois Lowry is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a world where people have everything controlled for them. Jonas is put into a situation where he can feel the emotions and memories that others can’t. The main characters are Jonas and The Giver and there are some other smaller characters like Jonas’ mother, father and sister plus some of his friends. The strengths of the book are:  it definitely entertains, shows true emotion, and portrays a good message.

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The Dark Knight movie review by Graison J

Alfred says,” some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan is about Batman’s fight to stay on the good side even though tempted by his rivalry with the joker. The main characters are Batman/Bruce Wayne, The Joker, Alfred Pennyworth, Rachel Dawes, and Harvey Dent/Two-Face. The strengths of this movie are that it was humorous yet serious, shows how The Batman has to make important decisions like everyday people, and the way the actors played the characters.

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Melanie Martin Goes Dutch- Book Reveiw by Alyssa Van Wagner

          This cute story is narrated by the main character and is in the form of a personal diary. This is just a fun read kind of book. Melanie Martin of course is the main character whose family travels to Amsterdam on a study of art. 

          Melanie’s mother is an artist, and has been chosen to make the trip. She invites her whole family and they end up on a journey that takes them all around and sh0ws them incredible things that Amsterdam has to offer.

          Melanie’s best friend Cecily is invited to go on the trip with Melanie’s family. This whole trip is to take place over the summer.

          Through the duration of the vacation, Cecily’s mother is getting surgery done because she has cancer. This causes Cecily to feel somewhat sad during a lot of the trip. Cecily and Melanie go on an adventure of a lifetime. Many things happen, including their luggage being lost. This causes them to have to wear the same thing pretty much everyday until they get their luggage back. They do go out and buy a few clean outfits for them to wear while their luggage is being located. They have a good first few days none the less. Continue reading

SUPERSIZE ME movie review by Alyssa V.W.

Supersize Me is a crazy comedic documentary of a man who tries to show the nation how bad fast food is for you by eating nothing but McDonald’s for a month straight. This Documentary can teach us alot of what we ignore until the weight ends up on our shoulders, and more literally, our hips! Continue reading

The Lorax book review

As I did with previous texts like The Runaway Bunny and The Giving Tree, I am taking a stab at one of the most revered children’s book heroes of all time, Theodor Seuss Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss. I would almost venture to say that he may be the most revered author anywhere, as Jack London and William Shakespeare don’t get nearly as much love and repeated readings as the verse master Seuss. That said, Dr. Seuss, as respected and venerated as he may be, has courted controversy with the assertion of his social and political ideals into his children’s books. No book of his is more divisive and notorious than 1971 environmental chronicle of The Lorax. Continue reading

THE JOY LUCK CLUB – Film Review by: Breanna B.

“In America, I will have a daughter just like me. But over there, nobody will say her worth is measured by the loudness of her husbands belch. Over there, nobody will look down on her because I will make her speak only perfect American English. And over there, she will always be too full to swallow any sorrow.”  The Joy Luck Club is based on the book, The Joy Luck Club, written by Amy Tan.  It is a story of four Asian women and their daughters.  These women met in feudal China through their church.  Each week, they came together to play mah-jong, hoping that they would become lucky and win.  This wish for luck was their only joy.  The women all move to America and have a daughter.  This movie tells of the struggles that the mothers had while living in China and how their lives affect those of their daughters.

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Dreamer Movie Review by Amanda Yoder

“You are a great champion. When you run, the ground shook, the sky opened and mere mortals parted. Part of the way to victory, where you’ll meet me in the winners circle. Where I’ll put a blanket of flowers on your back.”

However,Dreamer is a inspired by a true story. Taking bits and pieces from the real story of Mariah Storm, a horse who broke her leg, then had recovered, made her way back to the races with success. Dreamer was not based solidly on the real story of Mariah Storm, the rest was known to be called “pure imagination.” Director of Dreamer, John Gatins, was known to take real life stories and filming them into “Hollywood hogwash.” Other films such as Coach Crater and Hardball. Dreamer today is known as of an example of “true fiction.” Continue reading

CATCHER IN THE RYE review by Kaycee W.

I chose to review the book ‘Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D. Salinger. Most are forced to read this book by order of the school board. This read however was a personal choice. Catcher in the Rye is a novel on an anxious individual that goes by the name of Holden. Holden is quite the character and has much to tell about his life and past life experiences. He attends a boarding school called Pency Prep, and is not too fond of it. Continue reading

Lovely Bones movie review by Jamal G.

Lovely Bones the movie…. Not even close to as good as the book. It was directed by Peter Jackson. It had its strong points. Such visual aspects that can’t be portrayed through a book but it was just something about the book that the movie just couldn’t reach. It was too many important parts were skipped over or left out. If I would have seen the movie first I would have never picked up the book because the movie was to “open” it was as if something was missing. It might have been because I read the book first, but I still think I would have had to many unanswered questions. Continue reading