1. What is the main issue/topic of the documentary? Is it a political, social, or
just informative piece? This is the first step to writing your review. Knowing
whether the documentary is political, social, or informative will affect the specific details that you choose to discuss within your review as well as slightly alter your audience.
2. Is this issue controversial explain why.
3. What is the history of the director of the film? There are some directors who are well-known  (i.e. Michael Moore).
4. How accurate is the documentary? Using the context and the history of the
director, you can find out what is accurate, inaccurate, or slightly biased about the documentary. It is very important to inform your reader about this.
5. What have you decided your audience to be? What age group, interest group, gender group.
6. What do participants have to know or believe to understand or appreciate
this documentary? For example, if your documentary is about some unheard-of sport, you may first have to explain the sport’s rules in your review. Of course, you may need to do some assumptions as to what your think your audience knows and does not know.
7.. Do you recommend the documentary?
8. Do some research on the topic or the director. Read other reviews on IMDB.com

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